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We create social party games that promise to deliver shock, hilarity, and downright insanity through shocking scenarios, bad jokes and over-the-top humor! Prepare to be uncomfortable, torture your friends, and pee your pants with laughter.

Analyze Me, the trailblazing game, introduces players to what The Darker Side is all about: cringy humor, secondhand embarrassment, sarcasm, and thought-provoking scenarios. What’s the future of our gaming company? The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned.

Analyze Me: the game that convinces you to love or hate your friends even more!

How well do you know your friends? Find out in this TMI party game! Analyze Me is a game about getting inside your friends’ heads! Guess how your friends would react in certain situations in these 5 categories: social, work, bodily functions, vice and sex!

Needless to say if you didn’t already, you’ll get to know your friends a whole lot better.

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